Europäische Normen für persönliche Schutzausrüstung (PSA)

Europäische Normen für persönliche Schutzausrüstung (PSA) gegen Absturz aus großer Höhe.
EN 341-A1:1998 Descender devices.
EN 353-1:2002 Guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line.
EN 353-2:2002 Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line.
EN 354:2002 Lanyards.
EN 355:2002 Energy absorbers.
EN 358:1999 Devices for work positioning and restraint.
EN 360:2002 Retractable fall arresters.
EN 361:2002 Full body harnesses.
EN 362:1993 Connectors as connecting elements in the individual protection systems.
EN 362:2004 Connectors as connecting elements in the individual protection systems.
  Class A: Anchor connectors
Class B: Basic connectors
Class M: Multi-use connectors
Class Q: Screwlink connectors (quick links)
Class T: Termination connectors
EN 795:1996 Anchor devices.
  Class A1: Structural anchors for fixing to vertical, horizontal and inclined
Class A2: Structural anchors for mounting on sloped roofs
Class B: Temporary anchorage devices, portable
Class C: Anchor devices that use horizontal flexible anchor lines
Class D: Anchor devices that use horizontal rigid anchor rails
Class E: Mooring anchors
EN 813:2008 Sit harnesses.
EN 1496:2006 Rescue lifting devices.
EN 1497:2007 Rescue harnesses.
EN 1498:2006 Rescue loops.
EN 1891:1998 Low stretch kermnantel ropes.
  Class A: Ropes designed for general use.
Class B: Ropes with lower performance than the previous class and will require greater care when using.
EN 12841:2006 Rope access systems, control devices.
  Class A: Safety line adjustment device.
Class B: Working line ascender.
Class C: Working line descender.
Mountaineering equipment, safety requirements
EN 566:2006 Slings.
EN 567:1997 Rope clamps.
EN 568:2007 Ice anchors.
EN 569:2007 Pitons.
EN 892:2004 Dynamic mountaineering ropes.
EN 893:1999 Crampons.
EN 958:2011 Energy absorbing systems for use in klettersteig (via ferrata) climbing.
EN 959:2007 Rock anchors
EN 12270:1998 Chocks.
EN 12275:1999 Carabiners and Multi-anchor plates.
  Class A: Anchor carabiners
Class B: Basic carabiners
Class D: Directional carabiners
Class H: HMS carabiners
Class K: Carabiners for via ferrata
Class Q: Screwlink carabiners (quick links)
Class X: Oval carabiners
EN 12276:1998 Frictional anchors.
EN 12277:2007 Harnesses.
  Class A: Full body harnesses
Class B: Small body harnesses
Class C: Sit harnesses
Class D: Chest harnesses
EN 12278:2007 Pulleys.
EN 12492:2003 Helmets for mountaineers.
EN 13089:2011 Ice tools.
  Type 1: Basic tools, for use on snow and/or ice
Type 2: Tecnical tools, for use on rock, snow and/or ice
Other safety european standards
EN 397:2000 Industrial safety helmets.


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